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VMax Owners Manual


The following is a scan of a 2000 VMax users manual.  If you are like me and you have never seen one
you may find it interesting.  You will need to obtain Adobe Acrobat viewer to open the manual sections.
Please click on 'Get Adobe Reader' to do this and follow the prompts to download the viewer.

Thanks to Jean Aker at www.biker.net for letting us reproduce it

Section Pages Size
Introduction 2 165k
Safety 8 83k
Description 3 64k
Instruments and Controls 1 9 179k
Instruments and Controls 2 9 129k
Pre-Operation Check 2 135k
Operation and Important Riding Points 5 75k
Periodic Maintenance and Minor Repair 1 12 212k
Periodic Maintenance and Minor Repair 2 12 212k
Periodic Maintenance and Minor Repair 3 12 182k
Periodic Maintenance and Minor Repair 4 10 197k
Care and Storage 5 63k
Specifications 4 19k
Consumer Information 2 30k

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